Jewellery and Gold Services in St. Catharines

At Walters Jewellers, you can find a great selection of gold, diamonds, gemstones, and more. We understand that old jewellery can break or turn as the years pass. That’s why at Walters Jewellers we provide repairs and restorations of your older rings, necklaces, and watches. You can stop by and have your jewellery appraised. We provide insurance replacements. Custom naming and gift wrapping is also available. We offer, but are not limited to the following:

• 10kt White & Yellow Gold
• 14kt White & Yellow Gold
• 18kt White & Yellow Gold
• Bracelets
• Cash for Gold
• Earrings
• Gold Chains
• Masonic Jewellery


Discover a variety of different jewellery pieces for all occasions. We have jewellery in a variety of different metals including:

• Yellow Gold
• White Gold
• Platinum
• Titanium
• Sterling Silver
• Italian Silver & Gold


At Walters Jewellers we offer many different gemstones. All our stones are American Gem Society Laboratory Certified, leaving you with no question about their quality. We have gemstones for everything engagement rings to necklaces. See below for a more complete list of the gemstones you’ll find at our store:

• Rubies
• Emeralds
• Sapphires
• Opals
• Semi-Precious Gemstones
• Fresh-Water Pearl
• Cultured Pearl

Cash for Gold

Along with our regular jewellery sales, Walter Jewellers offers cash for used gold. If you’ve got old chains, bracelets, rings, or earrings lying about the house, you can exchange them at our store for cash. Prices for old gold have recently risen in the last couple of months, so hurry in and take advantage of our cash for gold service. Read up on our involvement in the cash for gold phenomenon in the following news article.